methamphetamine contamination
Mold and Meth

What is domestic methamphetamine contamination?

Methamphetamine has several names and is exists in many forms. Most often, it can be observed in the form of powder (crank) or crystals (ice).

   Powder is usually white or yellow. However, depending on the recipe and ingredients, they can be also produced in pink, green, and even black color. These powders can be sniffed, smoked, or "shot". Ice, however, is usually smoked and looks a bit like quartz shards, but some people similize it with crystal, glass, or chalk.

Recently, a new form of meth called “Yaba” appeared on the American drug market. Usually it can be found as colorful pills. Yaba is known as an lunacy drug, and many of its symptoms are similar to methamphetamine abuse.

All forms of methamphetamine can contaminate your home, car, and other property. Their remnants can also cause illness in you and your loved ones.

Is there any methamphetamine contamination in my house?

Apparently, we can’t tell that in one article. Utah was once a hotbed of methamphetamine labs (illegal operations that produce large amounts of methamphetamine contamination). Since meth\s sediment can persist for decades, many homes remain contaminated even without the knowledge of their owners. What's more, mobile methamphetamine labs and the shake-and-bake method have made it much more difficult to determine when it was cooked. That put even new homes and cars at risk of unexpected infection. .However, cooks are not the only way to contaminate property. Even storing and smoking methamphetamine is enough to leave harmful residue behind. And, unfortunately, visitors often smoke in houses without the knowledge of the owner. (There were examples when homes contaminated by grandparents, nieces, nephews, spouses, and others.) Indeed, methamphetamine addiction is more common than most people realize, and millions of Americans use it every year. So, the only way to find out if you have meth in your home is to test it. And the only way to get rid of it is to thoroughly disinfect it. That's why we recommend testing every time you suspect someone has been using your home, when buying or selling real estate, or when renting an apartment. This is also relevant when purchasing a vehicle or disposal rights at an auction, or if the vehicle has been stolen and returned to you. For assistance with testing and methamphetamine contamination, we recommend contacting a licensed professional such as a certified decontaminator. If you are located in Utah, feel free to contact Asset Environmental Services. We are Utah's number one resource for methamphetamine contamination and mold removal. You can contact us at (435) 764-2400.