Mold and Meth decontamination
Mold and Meth

Why Assets Environmental Services: Mold and Meth decontamination in Utah?

Asset Environmental Services is the best option in the state of Utah dedicated to mold and methamphetamine removal and disinfection.

   We are proud of our work and that we contribute into creating clean and secure community. It is not surprising that locals prefer us, since of our fifteen years of experience in this field. Our clients trust us any of their possession knowing pretty well that we will do our job right. Besides, we are widely known for our high standards, excellent service, and our commitment to getting every job done at the lowest possible cost.

Be sure, we are not your common-or-garden cleaning service. Indeed, our certified decontamination specialists in Utah can do everything: mold reduction and elimination, methamphetamine testing and decontamination, warehouse cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection, and much more. In sum, if you have any need in sanitizing and disinfection, we are here for you. Whether it is your home, car, or any other property.

The advantages of using Asset Environmental Services for your methamphetamine and mold removal services include:

- Riddance of methamphetamine and mold pollutants.

- Fast decontamination work (which helps you not to postpone the sale of your property)

- Air quality improvement

- Destruction of hazardous bacteria and viruses (including coronavirus/SARS-CoV-2.)

- Removal unpleasant odors such as tobacco smoke and pet smell.

- Total sanitizing and disinfection guaranteed

- Guaranteed approval with the health department

At Asset Environmental Services, we invest in advancing the education and well-being of the people we serve. Which means that we will guide you through the whole process to make sure that you understand how decontamination actually works. We will always be there to answer all of your questions and assist you to find the best option to solve your problem.

That is the reason why our clients in Utah know that they can trust us in decontamination. Feel free to read our reviews to hear from our customers themselves. Or call us to learn more about how our professional, licensed and insured methods will make your home livable again at (435) 764-2400.